Creating Change. Accelerating Growth.

Sarah Bolton Howard

Strategic, creative catalyst.
Drives compelling change.
Delivers the growth agenda for business.

A little glimpse of Sarah from the other side

Paris Marathon ... SBH nearly home

A little glimpse of Sarah from the other side…

Away from the world of business and commerce, one of Sarah’s big passions is Marathon running. Although it’s a strong case of ‘mind over matter’ on a cold, snowy or stormy day!

She’s gradually working her way around the key European cities even though she doesn’t have much time to appreciate the wonderful sites when trying to improve her ‘personal best’ in a race!

Sarah also loves checking out hotels, in her role as a ‘mystery guest’. Now, that’s definitely bringing the ‘voice of the customer’ to the heart of a business and its focus. Her assignments have certainly been diverse; ranging from an exclusive lodge in the South African Bush to a Swiss mountain hamlet.

And then there’s travel but doing it in an original way with a different spin. Sarah’s last adventure was trekking in Myanmar. Next place to discover .. Ecuador.

Sarah Bolton Howard set up Leaptomorrow to help organisations become more effective and successful in how they identify new commercial opportunities and drive change. To accelerate the corporate ‘pulse rate’; increase individual energy; deliver enhanced, positive impact from change initiatives.

What gives Sarah the credentials to operate in this space?

Business Innovation I Brand Growth I Global Marketing – 3 core pillars of Sarah’s expertise.

From an eclectic international career, Sarah’s combination of top tier multinational corporate and consultancy experience has proved a valuable, inspiring dynamic. Creating the strategy, Driving its implementation – Sarah does both. From personal experience, Sarah believes it’s critical to first establish the fundamental challenge facing a business or brand. Digging underneath the surface; questioning the sometimes ‘obvious’ prognosis. She’s often found solutions are inspired from other sectors; by making unexpected, intangible connections. That’s where Sarah’s rich experience across diverse sectors (FMCG, Retail, Fashion, Travel through to Big Data, Financial Services) delivers innovative insights, breakthrough inspiring ideas and game-changing results.

With her ‘two hats’ (corporate & consulting), Sarah brings the ability to gain ‘buy-in’ at the highest levels in a business; then find ways to navigate effectively through an organisation to ‘make it happen’. She acts as an enabler to turn growth ambitions into reality. Sarah fuels pioneering, big ‘leaps forward’ for a business, rather than simply gentle nudges and small steps. Although she can do those equally well. Driving change has been a core reason behind her key senior executive roles; taking an organisation on its own innovation journey. She’s a true ‘Change Catalyst’.

Global business has been a fundamental component of Sarah’s career. Having operated at global and regional levels, Sarah’s skilled in managing the often sensitive dynamic between Global and Local with their different agendas. Balancing the need for global consistency; whilst ensuring customer relevance at a regional and local market level. Through consultancy work with multinational organisations in this specific area, she’s highly experienced in helping companies become more effective in their global marketing.


Stephen Moffitt

Stephen, director of Plus or Minus Seven, has 20+ years of digital transformation experience across a diverse range of industries & sectors

  • Southbank Centre
  • Royal College of Paediatrics
  • FSCS
  • DK Books
  • Department of Health
  • BBC

Senior technology transformation advisor

Work across the business to identify what works, what needs to happen and how to support brand experience

Data strategy and governance

  • Help businesses develop a common language about data
  • Improve data intelligence across the company
  • Design and manage data ecosystem

Digital innovation

Bringing new digital products to market in a sustainable manner

Patrick Ballin is a business change consultant and executive coach, with a ten-year track record in delivering critical projects within well-known organisations such as:

  • The Body Shop
  • Burberry
  • Zurich
  • AstraZeneca
  • Morrisons
  • The Disney Store

He has 25+ years senior management pedigree prior to working in business change across:

  • International multichannel retail
  • Global supply chain development and optimisation
  • e-commerce and extranet development
  • ERP and business systems implementations

Patrick also has consultancy experience in diverse sectors, such as:

  • Retail,
  • FMCG
  • Financial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology
  • Charity
  • Public Sector