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What does ‘Glocalisation’ mean to you?

Are you Globally or Locally driven as a business?
Or do you operate somewhere in between?
Varying shades of grey, depending on the specific marketing challenge?

10 years ago Global and Local were frequently seen as opposing ends of a dichotomous spectrum. ‘One size fits all’, or ‘Made to measure’. Today, there is broad acceptance that brands and their marketing can be a balance and blend of both.

GLOCAL: GLObally driven: LOCally empowered.

From our personal marketing experience, Leaptomorrow believe there isn’t just one right way. It depends on multiple factors, particularly: your organisational structure; company dynamics; ways of working; industry sector; culture. However, what’s definite is the more you take ‘not invented here’ out of the equation; getting teams & individuals to focus on commonalities, rather than jump straight to differences, the more efficient and effective your Marketing function and Marketing initiatives will become; achieving greater impact.

Why do some Marketing initiatives that ‘touch all the right buttons’, have a great commercial case; then fail to deliver?

At Leaptomorrow we believe it’s not just WHAT you do but also HOW you do it. These two aspects need to work in sync and seamlessly together. HOW is often the differentiator between Smart Marketing that drives high brand and commercial impact; compared with great ideas that under-deliver against expectations. You can be doing all the right Marketing initiatives but if they are not developed or driven through an organisation in the right way; with the right people and gain key ‘buy-in’ they won’t achieve the success anticipated.

Obviously for an international brand WHAT you do and the brand message must be 100% consistent in terms of ‘take-out’ by customers & consumers. However, the way it is delivered may be different across markets; to ensure relevance and create maximum connectivity with consumers.

Leaptomorrow can help organisations to define, develop and embed the optimum GLOCAL balance through various programs:

  • Generate global brand and marketing strategy.
  • Seed and embed consistent marketing & commercial capabilities across all markets.
  • Structure – create a ‘joined up’, collaborative Marketing function.
  • Ways of working – develop principles & approaches for Global, Regional & Local Marketing teams.
  • ‘Invent, Adapt, Adopt’ – Drive consistent brand message and ensure local relevance.