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What does customer centricity actually mean in your organisation?

Is it words or does it drive real action?

Is ‘customer centricity’ the latest ‘fad’ or ‘fashion’ … or ‘here to stay’?

Today customer centricity has become a ‘buzz phrase’. Most companies and brands either claim to be focused on their customers/consumers. Or, at least, state it as a core business ambition or driving value and the organisation.

Leaptomorrow are passionate advocates about the power of customer centricity, and the immense impact it makes when genuinely lived by an organisation and endemic within their culture. In today’s cut-throat commercial environment companies are continually seeking for ways to set themselves apart from competitors; to create deep relationships with their customers. When applied in smart, relevant ways, we 100% believe ‘customer centricity’ can be THE REAL DIFFERENTIATOR for a business or brand in its market-place.

Look at a business from the ‘Outside: In’.Looking through the eyes of customers and consumers often exposes fundamental questions, high-lights difficult issues and raises tough decisions for an organisation to take. The big challenge is whether an organisation is open and willing to embrace and act on consumer insights; rather than pay ‘lip service’. It’s easy to listen but then carry on the safe, well-trodden and familiar path. It is a tough, bold decision to jump into new, unchartered waters. But the rewards can be immense.

That’s how Leaptomorrow can help. Working in partnership with your organisation to make ‘outside: in’ thinking become central to the way you operate and drive business decisions.

  • Create frameworks and principles to apply ‘outside: in’ thinking.
  • Facilitate cascade program and embed across the organisation
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to embed behaviour change
  • Mentor teams and individuals in new ways of working
  • Seed and develop ‘Consumer Insight’ capabilities across the organisation