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How do you define innovation in your organisation?

For many companies innovation represents the development and launch of new products or services.

At Leaptomorrow our view of innovation is far broader. We believe innovation must encompass all aspects of an organisation. For example: How it operates; Routes to market; Sales channels; Organisation infrastructure & interdependencies; Customer ‘touch points’ & experience. What you sell, products or services, is just one of many dimensions.

BUSINESS MODEL INNOVATION looks at the total picture. How a company creates, delivers and captures value. And CHANGE can come from any area. What’s important is the end goal. The fundamental, driving focus must be to create and ensure sustained commercial growth/value. To constantly find ways to remain relevant to customers, and compelling to consumers. If you don’t do it, someone else will, and they may not even be on your radar today.

A changing world requires changes to doing business. Both what you do and how you do it. Today the world is moving so fast that every organisation needs to keep abreast of changing dynamics; constantly evolve. Otherwise it will suddenly become irrelevant and left behind. In time its market may even disappear, or consumers simply discard and move elsewhere. And, all around us there are examples of that happening.

Today, increasingly it’s a case of transformation or re-invention of a Business Model. Creating a new one; not simply ‘tweaking’ or making incremental improvements to an existing. Leaptomorrow can work with your organisation, teams and individuals in a number of ways to introduce ‘step change’ thinking and create a new business model. Here are just a few of them:

  • Conduct comprehensive, objective ‘audit’ of your business, competitors and wider market.
  • Create a ‘change agenda’ – WHAT and HOW.
  • Identify ways to drive efficiencies, increase effectiveness and bring added value.
  • Establish a ‘paradigm shift’ in the organisation culture.
  • Lead or participate in innovation delivery programs.
  • Build collaborative teams.
  • Seed new innovation capabilities across the business.