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The way Leaptomorrow works with organisations and individuals has four fundamental traits:

Flexibility I Adaptability I Agility I Energy

You decide. How do you want to work with Leaptomorrow? But, be prepared to be challenged. At Leaptomorrow we believe there is a smarter way of addressing your current business challenge or achieving your ambition, we will definitely recommend it. Sometimes it’s a case of ‘breaking the tried & tested’, or conventional ways of working and do things differently. Be open to change and adapt.

Whether operating at Board level, with project teams or individuals, Leaptomorrow start by first thoroughly understanding your business brief and deliverables you require. Several core factors combined will determine the most appropriate approach. Your specific business needs; level and intensity of help required; anticipated duration of an engagement; whether project focused or a longer term, ongoing requirement. Equally important is how you like to work with people – what’s proved most effective previously given your company’s unique culture.

Leaptomorrow’s driving goal and personal commitment is ALWAYS TO EXCEED TO A CLIENT’S EXPECTATIONS.

Just as ‘one size doesn’t fit everyone’ nor is there one way of doing things! That’s why Leaptomorrow have three distinct ways you can engage with us. This can be a ‘one-off’ project; on an ad hoc, ‘as & when’ basis; or developing an ongoing relationship over time.

These approaches do not have to be exclusive. Perhaps you will need a combination of them. Or your specific requirements might change over time depending on the different dynamics in your organisation, or the wider competitive environment.

Generally, you will know the particular style and type of help you need. However, often there can be immense value in gaining an external perspective on the situation. Be open to hear and embrace an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Talk with Leaptomorrow about your challenge. We will happily give our view on what we believe is the smartest way of working based on practical ‘hands on’ experience.

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Interim Professional

  • Apply a classic interim model.
  • ‘Deep Dive’ into an organization to quickly address a business challenge.
  • Undertake a vacant senior executive role for a period of time.
  • Fees based on a day rate – obviously determined by the duration of the assignment.
  • Duration agreed up front but can subsequently be extended.
  • Flexible and open-minded in terms of geographical location.


  • Undertake a specific project or business proposal against a defined brief.
  • Consultancy proposal and deliverables agreed prior to commencement.
  • Alternative approach is to participate as an active member of a project team – bring a specific area of expertise e.g. Strategy; Global Marketing; Customer Centricity.
  • Remuneration based on a total project fee, rather than a daily rate.

Trusted Advisor

  • This can take several different formats with their own dynamics.
  • Level of active involvement depends on the specific purpose.
    • ‘Sparring Partner’ for a senior business executive.
    • Non-Executive board member.
    • Coach or Business Mentor.
  • Minimum initial duration depends on the role.
    • 12 months (Non-Executive Director)
    • 6 months (Coach or ‘Sparring Partner’) (*)
  • Remuneration based on agreed level of support per month or quarterly (days).

(*) Opportunity for a ‘taster session’